About the Topol Digital Fellowship programme

The Topol Programme for Digital Fellowships in Healthcare aims to support NHS organisations to invest in clinical staff to develop specialist digital skills and to learn about leading digital transformation, while giving clinicians enough time outside of clinical commitments to lead digital health improvements and innovations.

The fellowship programme will provide fellows with time and support to design and deliver digital health projects and initiatives in their organisations and a programme of workshops and mentoring to stimulate and support fellows to lead digital health transformations for NHS staff and patients. This will be an exciting opportunity for NHS clinical staff, including doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, dentists, healthcare scientists, pharmacists and others, to shape and accelerate the NHS digital revolution.

The first cohort of digital fellows began their fellowships in September 2019.

Updates from our fellows

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Christopher Tack

Am I digitally literate enough? A guide for the average UK healthcare worker

  • 10th Dec 2020

I have spent the last year asking people the same question: how digitally literate does the average healthcare worker need to be?

Melanie Martin

TRUST: Transforming Rheumatology Using Sustainable Technology applying a ‘Theory of Change’ model

  • 02nd Dec 2020

TRUST is an absolutely vital commodity in healthcare. It is also an acronym for Transforming Rheumatology Using Sustainable Technology, the title of my fourth blog post as a Topol Digital Fellow.

Matthew Alexander

Why choose to do the Fellowship?

  • 01st Sep 2020

I was moved today to reflect on some of my learning from my time in and outside the Fellowship over the last seven months, and especially over the last month.