About the Topol Digital Fellowship programme

The Topol Digital Fellowship, an NHS Digital Academy programme, is designed to equip fellows with new skills and knowledge. These will include: how to practise person-centred design, how to use Agile methods to run projects and develop services, how to lead digital transformation, how to use data in the design of services. The programme is also designed to inspire fellows by enabling them to hear from others who have led digital transformations and built digital health and social care services. The programme is designed to connect fellows to like-minded peers, digital transformation and digital health and care experts and people who can support and mentor them.

The fellowship programme will provide fellows with the time to design and deliver a digital project and initiative in their own organisations. This will be supported by a programme of workshops to stimulate fellows to confidently lead digital health transformations for NHS and care staff and patients. The fellowship is an exciting opportunity for clinical or non-clinical staff working in, or delivering services to, the NHS or social care in England, to shape and accelerate the health and social care digital revolution.

We are very excited this year to be delivering the Fellowship in partnership with Health Innovation Wessex.

Publications by our fellows

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  • Videha Sharma
  • Journal Article

Adoption of clinical risk prediction tools is limited by a lack of integration with electronic health records.

Available at BMJ health & care informatics from Unpaywall https://informatics.bmj.com/content/bmjhci/28/1/e100253.full.pdf
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  • Author(s): Sharma, Videha; Ali, Ibrahim; van der Veer, Sabine; Martin, Glen; Ainsworth, John; Augustine, Titus
  • Source: BMJ health & care informatics; Feb 2021; vol. 28 (no. 1)
  • Database: Medline
  • Pubmed ID: 33608259
  • Date: February 2021