My Topol fellowship problem / project:

As a Topol Digital Fellow, I plan to develop a digital platform for cancer education to be used both nationally and internationally. Each year, approximately 20 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer and continues to rise at an alarming and unprecedented rate. Often, patients are diagnosed too late which results in extensive life-changing surgery or end-of-life care. Appropriate and early diagnosis of cancer is associated with improved patient outcomes and 5-year survival rates. The current methods of cancer education present many challenges and there is a need for digital engagement and innovation. Through the development of a digital education platform I plan to enhance patient, public and clinician literacy in clinical diagnosis, management and prognostication of cancer.

I am currently a clinical international education fellow working at Guy’s Cancer Academy. As part of my role I design, develop and deliver digital cancer education and provide clinical care to head and neck cancer patients. As a dual-qualified dentist and pharmacist, I have extensive clinical experience working in multiple clinical specialties in both primary and secondary care settings.