Fellowship Information

When is the Topol Fellowship and how long is it?

The Fellowship runs annually from April and is approximately 12 months.

How many places are there?

In April 2022 we will be launching Cohorts 3 and 4. There will be up to 30 HEE funded places and 5 sponsored places on each cohort so up to 70 places in total.

Will I receive funding?

Yes. Each successful applicant will receive £15,000 which will be paid directly to your organisation and must be ringfenced to support the delivery of the project.

What is the required time commitment?

Employers must ensure that the fellow is given dedicated, protected time to conduct the work of their digital change project. We expect a minimum of 0.2 WTE to be protected but recommend that 0.4 WTE is fully protected. This protected time is mandatory for the completion of the fellowship and the receipt of the bursary. However, the programme is flexible as to how this time is taken over the 12 months of the programme.

Are the Fellowship workshops and masterclasses on a set day and time?

Yes. When you receive your offer of a place you will be allocated to a cohort and given all scheduled dates for your cohort. These will be on a variety of days and time to best accommodate the whole cohort. Attendance at sessions is mandatory as part of the successful completion of the Fellowship.

Can I swap to attend a different date with the other cohort?

Only in exceptional circumstances and with prior agreement from the Fellowship team. The cohorts will be structured in a way to get the most out of the networking opportunities and this will not be possible if fellows swap between cohorts.

I am planning a career in a certain specialty or area; can I be connected with someone in this field to find out more about the Fellowship? 

Yes. Please contact the Fellowship support team with your request and we will make these introductions.

Application Process

What is the application process? What are the application dates?

Applicants will be asked to complete an online application form via our website. Applications will then be shortlisted and invitations will be sent out to attend virtual interviews. Successful interviewees will then be notified.

All details about application dates can be found in the How do I become a Topol Digital Fellow? section of our website

What does the application entail?

In addition to your personal and professional information you will be asked a series of questions covering:

  • Your prior experiences​
  • Your professional aspirations​
  • The problem you would like to explore​
  • The support you can access and organise


Who is eligible to apply for the Fellowship?

The Fellowship is open to all clinical staff who are Band 5+ or post FY2 working in an area that delivers NHS clinical services in England.

Is this scheme open to applicants in outside of England?

Unfortunately there are no HEE funded places available outside of England however there are up to 5 sponsored places for those meeting the set criteria across the UK. Full information about the sponsored places will be available from 8th November on the Applying for Cohort 3 and 4 including Webinar Information section of our website.