My Topol fellowship problem / project:

To address the issue of full engagement, I will be focusing on developing a voice recognition feature that enables people who receive care to access and input information about their care seamlessly. By leveraging this technology, I hope to simplify the process and enable individuals to engage more fully in their care. Additionally, I will explore the use of the same functionality to allow emergency services to receive updates about the care that older people receive in the event of emergencies. Overall, I believe technology can help us improve the care experience for older and disabled individuals. By leveraging innovative solutions and prioritizing dignity and respect, we can make significant progress in this vital area.

With over two decades of experience in the healthcare and social care industry, I have always been fascinated by the aging process and the unique challenges faced by older and disabled individuals. As such, I have dedicated much of my professional career to designing and developing services that cater to their needs, ranging from addressing social isolation to creating commercially successful care and care-tech enterprises. I firmly believe that providing care with dignity and respect is a critical issue that requires the allocation of sufficient resources and attention. It is essential to find viable solutions that ensure that individuals who require care can access it without compromising their fundamental rights. Additionally, I believe that every individual is entitled to be fully engaged in their care, from preparing a care plan to how it is delivered. However, a shortage of resources often makes it challenging to achieve full engagement in care. To address this issue, I have developed a software solution, Careberry (, which consolidates all the functionalities required to provide and manage care under one umbrella. This software has interfaces for care professionals, carers, families, and individuals who need care. Nevertheless, the complications that arise with aging can make it difficult to achieve full engagement in care.