My Topol fellowship problem / project:

Personalised resources for weight management and encourage self-management.

Obesity is a major public health challenge which contributes directly and indirectly to co-morbid health conditions, health inequalities and premature death. The UK has the highest rates of obesity in Europe. Effective obesity prevention and care is therefore critical in terms of individual health as well as system resource impact and population health. Evidence indicates that managing these levels of obesity in the population requires a combination of effective public health measures, an informed and engaged patient and an effective, holistic care pathway. The UK response to obesity is structured around tiered management (Tiers 1-4). The commissioning responsibility for these tiers is split between local authorities and Integrated Care Boards. This split responsibility combined with funding constraints can, at times, lead to gaps in care and ineffective communication between providers. Tier 3 is not mandated, and services are frequently decommissioned. This leads to confusion for patients and care providers. Obesity is linked with deprivation. East London boroughs report some of the highest rates of adult obesity in London. There are a number of weight management services as well as third sector options but navigating between them and selecting the most appropriate can be challenging. It is observed that attrition rates are high when people are passively referred, and resources are not relevant to them. In response to this, Barts Obesity Service has formed a partnership with Res Consortium to develop the concept for a dynamic, patient support platform. The vision is to provide a personalised solution for weight management which recognises the complex drivers and heterogeneity of obesity. The tool aims to present a reputable and up-to-date repository of weight management resources to encourage self-management where appropriate.

I am a Clinical Research Fellow in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Barts Health NHS Trust. I have participated in several quality improvement projects including the use of Virtual Reality to support clinical diabetes training. I have received the Specialist Certification of Obesity Professional Education. I am one of the content editors for ‘You and Your Hormones’ and have created videos with Bioscientifica to address weight stigma. I am interested in digital health, medical education, reducing medical errors and addressing health inequalities.