My Topol fellowship problem / project:

Allergy services are confronted with an unparalleled increase in prevalence, severity, and complexity of allergic conditions. Unfortunately services have not significantly expanded, leading to uncertain and long waiting times for those with frightening and often life-threatening allergies. With 44% of UK adults suffering from one or more allergies and a staggering 52.5% rise in allergy-related hospital admissions over six years, it’s clear that digital adoption is essential for this small speciality to effectively address the growing needs of allergy patients. By collaborating with various stakeholders and gathering diverse evidence and insights, I am committed to discovering digital solutions that improve access to and quality of allergy care. The Topol Fellowship will grant me the necessary protected time to ensure user needs and potential digital solutions are accurately understood. From this, promising co-produced digital solutions can be identified, assessed and implemented.

I am a Consultant Allergist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust with a passion for digital transformation. As a digital content advisor for the Royal College of Physicians’ Medical Care – Driving Change portal, I contribute content and resources to support clinicians in the delivery of improvements in healthcare. I am also a clinical member of NHS England Specialised Commissioning Allergy & Immunology Clinical Reference Group. In 2022 I proudly joined the Board of Trustees for Allergy UK, a leading charity dedicated to supporting and advocating for individuals affected by allergic diseases.