Melanie Martin

The second half: Designing a minimally viable NHS Service

  • 06th Apr 2020

To succeed in football and in digital services, both rely upon a team and committed supporters to be there for the wins and the losses.

Melanie Martin

What does a Clinical Product Owner do?

  • 05th Feb 2020

I was recently set a challenge: two actually. I like a challenge or two. The first challenge was to draw on a post-it note a picture of myself and to describe my role. As there was a prize for the ‘best caricature’ I naturally put my best effort into my artwork. The second challenge was to write a blog post. As this was to be my first blog I thought it should at least explain what I wrote on the post-it note.

Matthew Alexander

Saying why

  • 17th Jan 2020

In our organisation we are now two and a half months in to the rollout of our ‘Paperlite’ programme under the Global Digital Exemplar Programme body of work. From this we have moved a huge swathe of our paper-based processes on to the computer (It’s a start!) and have started to practise like we have a true Electronic Health Record. As I was told at the start of my Informatics journey by my then CCIO, Dr Rob Allcock: “All improvement requires change, but not all change is improvement”.

Matthew Alexander

Identity, the tightrope and being more

  • 16th Dec 2019

My name is Matthew, and I am a Doctor – a Dermatologist to be exact. Or at least that was true until more recently. I suppose I identify now as more ‘bi-professional’ or ‘It’s complicated’. It has become complicated by trying to build my niche in Clinical Informatics, alongside my training as a Dermatologist.

Matthew Alexander

The language of change

  • 23rd Nov 2019

When I started my Clinical Informatics journey a few years ago, the organisation I was in subscribed to being a ‘Lean’ organisation and my first indoctrination was by reading ‘The Toyota Way’ by Jeffrey K. Liker. I immediately sped through reading it all and was so happy to have found a common language to be able to explain why I thought a system and a process was wrong, and how one might go about fixing it.

Tim Robbins

Reflections on my first month as a Topol Digital Fellow

  • 17th Oct 2019

This is my first blog post for the Topol Digital Fellowships programme, so for those who don’t know me I’ll give a quick introduction! My name is Tim Robbins, I am a Diabetes and Endocrinology SpR in the West Midlands.