Christopher Tack

Am I digitally literate enough? A guide for the average UK healthcare worker

10th Dec 2020

I have spent the last year asking people the same question: how digitally literate does the average healthcare worker need to be?

Melanie Martin

TRUST: Transforming Rheumatology Using Sustainable Technology applying a ‘Theory of Change’ model

02nd Dec 2020

TRUST is an absolutely vital commodity in healthcare. It is also an acronym for Transforming Rheumatology Using Sustainable Technology, the title of my fourth blog post as a Topol Digital Fellow.

Matthew Alexander

Why choose to do the Fellowship?

01st Sep 2020

I was moved today to reflect on some of my learning from my time in and outside the Fellowship over the last seven months, and especially over the last month. 

Melanie Martin

The second half: Designing a minimally viable NHS Service

06th Apr 2020

To succeed in football and in digital services, both rely upon a team and committed supporters to be there for the wins and the losses.

Melanie Martin

What does a Clinical Product Owner do?

05th Feb 2020

I was recently set a challenge: two actually. I like a challenge or two. The first challenge was to draw on a post-it note a picture of myself and to describe my role. As there was a prize for the ‘best caricature’ I naturally put my best effort into my artwork. The second challenge was to write a blog post. As this was to be my first blog I thought it should at least explain what I wrote on the post-it note.

Matthew Alexander

Saying why

17th Jan 2020

In our organisation we are now two and a half months in to the rollout of our ‘Paperlite’ programme under the Global Digital Exemplar Programme body of work. From this we have moved a huge swathe of our paper-based processes on to the computer (It’s a start!) and have started to practise like we have a true Electronic Health Record. As I was told at the start of my Informatics journey by my then CCIO, Dr Rob Allcock: “All improvement requires change, but not all change is improvement”.

Matthew Alexander

Identity, the tightrope and being more

16th Dec 2019

My name is Matthew, and I am a Doctor – a Dermatologist to be exact. Or at least that was true until more recently. I suppose I identify now as more ‘bi-professional’ or ‘It’s complicated’. It has become complicated by trying to build my niche in Clinical Informatics, alongside my training as a Dermatologist.

Matthew Alexander

The language of change

23rd Nov 2019

When I started my Clinical Informatics journey a few years ago, the organisation I was in subscribed to being a ‘Lean’ organisation and my first indoctrination was by reading ‘The Toyota Way’ by Jeffrey K. Liker. I immediately sped through reading it all and was so happy to have found a common language to be able to explain why I thought a system and a process was wrong, and how one might go about fixing it.

Tim Robbins

Reflections on my first month as a Topol Digital Fellow

17th Oct 2019

This is my first blog post for the Topol Digital Fellowships programme, so for those who don’t know me I’ll give a quick introduction! My name is Tim Robbins, I am a Diabetes and Endocrinology SpR in the West Midlands.