Abison Logeswaran

  • Ophthalmology Registrar
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital


I am currently working as a ST5 Ophthalmology Registrar at Moorfields Eye Hospital. I completed my MBBS BSc at Imperial College London with distinctions in Medical and Clinical Science.

I have a keen interest in the use of technology in healthcare, and completed my MSc in Health Informatics at City University London during my foundation training. My particular area of interest is the utility and usability analysis of computer systems, and the development of methodologies to improve clinician involvement in this process. (I have developed a streamlined methodology for this process that is currently in submission.)

Project overview

The project will be provided by and conducted for the Technology Enhanced Learning team at HEE.

What will help to make digital transformation a reality in the NHS?

End-user engagement in healthcare technology development is essential to ensure digital transformation in the NHS (highlighted by the failure of the National Programme for IT, Topol review etc). This improves technological utility, system usability and increased uptake amongst the workforce.