Implementation of portable ultrasound devices for clinicians

My Topol fellowship problem / project:

With the exponential digitalisation of healthcare through medical technology, many healthcare professionals rely on digital devices to improve their clinical assessment and treatment. Portable ultrasound is a new and powerful tool that can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for life-threatening conditions, such as pneumothorax.

Our current aim is to understand and focus on the implementation of portable ultrasound devices for clinical practice in a safe and secure manner in the NHS with the view to empower clinicians to make a difference for patients in critical situations.

This project will also allow us to learn the process of developing and implementing innovative digital projects and start-up digital plans in the NHS, which will hopefully lead to the development of a platform for healthcare professionals to be able to turn an ideas into reality.

I am currently working as a CT3 Anaesthetic doctor covering Theatres, Intensive Care and Obstetrics. I have also worked as a doctor across multiple specialties including acute medical care and emergency medicine.

I have been involved in the Clinical Entrepreneurial programme for NHS England learning about start-up digital projects and have been involved in the multiple digital transformation projects in the NHS, including a prize winning innovative project to improve patient safety.

My professional aspiration is to become dual accredited in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care whilst being at the forefront of digital transformation of the healthcare service across the NHS.