Creating scalable education and training resources for digital healthcare

My project proposal centres around both developing the strategic infrastructure for multi-professional digital healthcare education and training for all levels of digital expertise, and creating scalable education and training resources for digitally-augmented healthcare.

The project will be supported by Great Ormond Street Hospital’s DRIVE initiative – which has key relationships with organisations central to the NHS’ digital strategy (Health Education England, HDRUK, NHS Digital, NHSX) and academic links and industry partnerships – as well as by the NIHR Academy, and UCL’s Knowledge Lab (part of UCL’s world-leading Institute of Education).

The proposal involves parallel work-streams (with dynamic crossover) that:

  1. Identify gaps in current and future (multi-disciplinary) NHS workforce education and training that limit the potential of healthcare technologies; early objectives being the use and management of clinical data, clinical informatics and data science.
  2. Create new educational and training resources on digital healthcare technologies, relevant to clinicians, clinical academics, and non-clinical specialists integrated into the NHS to leverage the power of data and analytics.
  3. Develop national networks and reference groups for leadership, implementation and horizon-scanning
  4. Consider and evaluate how long-term, flexible, clinical and academic careers with valued time for clinical informatics and data science can be constructed.

What will help to make digital transformation a reality in the NHS?

For me, the key determinant of successful digital transformation in the NHS, and for its patients, will be the development of multi-professional education and training that allows the NHS workforce to harness and realise the potential of digital healthcare technologies.

About me

I am a Neonatal Grid trainee with a PhD in the computational modelling of neonatal imaging datasets.

I worked as the Clinical Fellow for the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics workstream of the Topol Review, and am currently performing work with Health Education England and Great Ormond Street Hospital’s DRIVE (Digital Research, Informatics and Virtual Environments) initiative to develop better training and education regarding healthcare technologies.

I am on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, am a member of the sub-committee for the newly formed Industry Exchange Network for the NHS, and am part of the National AHSN AI Initiative Core Advisory Group.