Digitising the early pregnancy unit at Royal Berkshire Hospital

My Topol fellowship problem / project:

At present the combination of paper and electronic records in the early pregnancy unit at Royal Berkshire Hospital is cumbersome and needs improvement. This could then support a streamlined patient journey, better data collection to understand and analyse our service, reduction in duplicated paper admin tasks and provision of high quality standardised care.

Incorporating risk modelling to aid decisions for patient follow-up is an exciting area that I would like to explore within my fellowship time.

At the heart of my project is user acceptability and experience – with both the women using our service and the staff providing the service defined as users.

I am a ST7 O&G trainee with a passion for innovation and improving the user experience of electronic patient records. I am currently involved our hospital’s maternity digital transformation project and hope to expand this further into our early pregnancy service.

My previous rotation at Oxford University Hospitals enabled me to develop this interest as part of the Digital Hospital Project. I designed solutions and supported colleagues to use these digital solutions for quality improvement. Our team’s work was recognised at the National Learning from Excellence conference in February 2020.

I am the trainee representative for the RCOG e-Portfolio Project Board – a group set up to address issues following the launch of a new training platform.