Digital resources for patients, carers and clinicians about lymphoedema

My Topol fellowship problem / project:

As a Clinical Fellow in both Dermatology and Lymphovascular Medicine, I experience through my patients how wide the discrepancy of care can be for our patients with lymphoedema. I appreciate the access to information for patients varies with a lot of misinformation shared between patient groups on social media.

I want to create an app that acts as a lymphoedema ‘passport’ that helps patients, their carers, and family, understand the diagnosis of lymphoedema and appropriate information about how to self-manage this condition. This ‘passport’ will also act as a bedside tool for clinicians to access up-to-date resources that can help improve patient care.

I am a Clinical Fellow and CESR trainee in Dermatology and Lymphovascular Medicine.

My clinical work involves looking after dermatology patients in a secondary care setting and patients with lymphoedema in a tertiary setting.