Understanding populations to set strategic goals using machine learning

My Topol fellowship problem / project:

As a Topol fellow my work will focus on two core areas: Analytics and product development.

I will use machine learning on our vast primary care dataset in an attempt to get a better understanding our local population. The intention is to turn us from a reactive to proactive organisation, allowing us to target unmet needs, design new services and transform our model of care.


As digital lead, one of my roles it to design, build and deploy workflow automation products across practices in the Primary care network using our electronic patient record system. The products reduce errors, improve efficiency and allow us to centrally standardise our quality of care. I will explore the further development of a wider and more efficient range of workflow automation tools both within the clinical platform and alongside it.

I’m a General practitioner, Digital lead and Investment and Impact fund lead at Southport and Formby Primary Care Network.

Alongside General practice I have special interests in finance, accounting and business that I use to help the organisation meet its goals and in the design of its business and digital strategies.

I also specialise in data science, and as lead analyst for the organisation, I make sense of the volume of data produced in primary care.