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The Topol Review is led by Health Education England and this portal is provided by Clever Together.


All partners in the review respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. The review is being run subject to the Health Education England privacy policy, which you can read here.


The purpose of this portal is to gather evidence and insight about the role of technologies in healthcare now and in the future. All information you choose to share with us will be used for this purpose and no other reason.


During the evidence gathering process, we will contact you several times to remind you of the conversation and share the latest insight being gathered. Once the conversation ends, at noon on the 29th of August, we will only contact you further if you've asked us to do so.


All your contributions to the online discussion are anonymised. This means that your name or email will never be shown alongside your idea. The only time we would identify you individually is if you post abusive, harmful or illegal content, or if required to do so by law. Where permitted to do so, we will always notify you of this.


For the purpose of this project, Health Education England is the data controller and Clever Together is the data processor. This means that Clever Together is only allowed to use the data in this portal as instructed by Health Education England and for no other purpose.


If you have any further questions, wish to know what information we hold about you or want us to delete your personal information, please email We will comply with all such requests within 2 working days.

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You can help in two ways:

  1. by providing detailed case reports that showcase either the impact of existing technologies, or scenarios of the forecasted impact of emerging technologies; or
  2. by joining our online discussion

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The call for evidence is open until Wednesday 29 August at 12.00 noon.